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MacDermid Alpha Develops New Improved Printing Performance Laser Cut Stencil

(Waterbury, CT USA) – Dec 12th, 2019 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, introduces its latest stencil innovation, ALPHA® CUT HR2 Laser Cut stencils. The new material retains the best-in-class shape, positional accuracy and wall quality associated with the standard ALPHA Cut material, with the added benefits of improved print definition and reduced variation in solder deposits.

“The new ALPHA CUT HR2 stencils are made from a hardened stainless steel which enables improved resistance to stretching under high tension. The increased material strength and stiffness contributes to improved print definition and enables improved cost of ownership,” comments Leo Mertens, Stencils Operation Manager & Sales Co-Ordinator at MacDermid Alpha. “The material is an excellent alternative to the higher cost and longer lead times associated with specialist coatings or post cut finishing processes.”

ALPHA CUT HR2 enables drop in compatibility and is available in common formats such as ALPHA TetraBond® and VectorGuard™ and meshed frame stencils. ALPHA CUT HR2 laser cut stencils are compatible with our range of ALPHA solder pastes and ALPHA HiTech adhesives.

For more information on ALPHA CUT HR2 Laser Cut Stencils contact your local stencil representative or visit

About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

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Name: Leo Mertens

Title: Stencils Operation Manager & Sales Co-Ordinator



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