Improving Aesthetics and Reflectivity in LED

Posted 12/7/2015 by Amit Patel

Posted 12/7/15 by Amit Patel

Joints soldered with cored wire are consumed in a variety of lighting applications. Most commonly, these spools of cored solder wire are used to make the connections between the control / power driver board and the LED engine board shown in Figure 1, to make board to board connections for linear lighting and for soldering the end cap contact which serves as the electrical gateway for retrofit based bulbs as shown in Figure 2.

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High Reliability LED Chip-on-Board Assemblies

Posted 11/4/2015 by Ravi M. Bhatkal, Ph.D.

Posted 11/02/15 by Ravi M. Bhatkal, Ph.D.

LED chip-on-board applications (COB) typically involve assembling an LED die stack directly on to a substrate such as Metal Core PCB (MCPCB), FR4 etc.

A variety of die attach materials, including solder, conductive adhesive, or sintered materials can be used to bond the LEDs to the substrate, depending on the specific requirements, and the tradeoffs involved.


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Argomax® Newsletter #25

Posted 4/27/2015 by Julien Joguet

Over the years, the entire Argomax® team dedicated its efforts and strengths to one mission. This mission is to deliver the best products, the best processes with the best value for all your applications.

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Argomax® Newsletter #23

Posted 3/23/2015 by Julien Joguet

In April this year, we announced the grand opening of our new Die Attach Applications Center in Langenfeld, Germany.

This state-of-the-art facility’s mission, was to offer opportunities for European and other global companies to run their assemblies on the latest die attach equipment using advanced ALPHA® sintering, soldering and polymer technologies.


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Argomax® Newsletter #24

Posted 3/23/2015 by Julien Joguet

In 2015, 2.8 new vehicles will be sold every second in the world… yes, 88.6 million cars will be sold on the five continents this year, increasing by 2.4% compared to 2014.

Among these 88.6 million vehicles, more than 2.3 million will be hybrid electric or electric vehicles that will help reduce the CO2 emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

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Argomax® Newsletter #22

Posted 10/16/2014 by Julien Joguet

In just one application, high speed trains, a new power module designed with Argomax® delivered 30% real electrical energy savings on the rail line.

Our world is in constant movement. This movement impacts every aspect of our lives, in particular the energy sector that is being pushed to its limits. World population increases but our resources are limited. Prices increase and our environment suffers.

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Argomax® Newsletter #21

Posted 8/27/2014 by Julien Joguet

Ultra-Fast Sintering (UFS), 3 words that have never been put together before. ALPHA® Argomax® makes it a reality and is proud to bring to the power semiconductor market the most sophisticated and easy to implement sinter technology for die attach. UFS with Argomax® film is the only High Volume Manufacturing sintering technology that allows you to achieve the economics of epoxy die bonding with traditional equipment.

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Alpha and SmartTec Open Soldering Competence Centre Europe

Posted 6/20/2014 by Paul Cote

Alpha and SmartTec have enjoyed a highly successful working relationship for several years, with SmartTec as Alpha’s distributor in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  Germany and Austria will be added to the group of countries served by the Alpha / SmartTec Team.

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How Can You Decrease Your Solder Paste Cost Without Changing Chemistry?

Posted 6/5/2014 by Traian Cucu

The need to drive down ultra-fine feature printing costs in today’s highly sophisticated electronics processes, while maintaining high solder joint reliability, is a challenge for many assemblers.  They often find that in order to identify a higher performing solder paste, such as one with a different Ag alloy and/or powder type, they must absorb the high cost of requalifying new paste candidates, and spend considerable time and energy researching available candidates, setting up the trials and evaluating the results.

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BGA Solder Bridging Tech Tip

Posted 5/22/2014 by Paul Koep

Solder bridging is a defect that commonly occurs during reflow of BGA devices. The BGA device can warp during reflow causing adjacent BGA spheres to come in contact and form a solder bridge.  Check out Alpha’s Tech Tip to see possible causes of BGA solder bridging and recommendations for solutions.

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