Alpha and SmartTec Open Soldering Competence Centre Europe

Posted 6/20/2014 by Paul Cote

Alpha and SmartTec have enjoyed a highly successful working relationship for several years, with SmartTec as Alpha’s distributor in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  Germany and Austria will be added to the group of countries served by the Alpha / SmartTec Team.

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How Can You Decrease Your Solder Paste Cost Without Changing Chemistry?

Posted 6/5/2014 by Traian Cucu

The need to drive down ultra-fine feature printing costs in today’s highly sophisticated electronics processes, while maintaining high solder joint reliability, is a challenge for many assemblers.  They often find that in order to identify a higher performing solder paste, such as one with a different Ag alloy and/or powder type, they must absorb the high cost of requalifying new paste candidates, and spend considerable time and energy researching available candidates, setting up the trials and evaluating the results.

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Are Your Thick, High Density PCBs Creating Assembly Problems in Your Wave Soldering Process?

Posted 5/15/2014 by Michael Previti

As reliability and component miniaturization concerns have resulted in the use of thicker PCBs in many processes, these boards have created electronic assembly challenges such as bridging, solder balling, achieving complete hole fill, pin testing accuracy and difficulty in meeting halogen-free process goals.  The right wave solder flux can help minimize these challenges and result in higher levels of process throughput and PCB reliability.

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The Problem: Produce 1,000,000 parts per day, using 50µm thick die, with no voids and requiring high heat dissipation

Posted 4/14/2014 by Julien Joguet

The power semiconductor market produces more than 170 billion discrete components a year to exacting standards.  High volume manufacturing (HVM), cost effective process technology is a must to achieve these goals. ALPHA® Argomax® Ag sinter film technology solves The Problem.    By using Argomax® film, you can produce 1,000,000 parts per day with less capital equipment and less factory floor space when compared to existing processes.

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Get Soldering Performance and Joint Reliability in a Pb free Ag free Alloy

Posted 3/12/2014 by Mike Murphy

ALPHA® SnCX Plus™ 07 is a lead-free, silver-free alloy developed by Alpha, comprised of tin, copper and several unique additives designed to enhance alloy performance. It is engineered to be a cost effective alternative to other lead-free, silver-bearing alloys in terms of overall performance and reliability on standard complexity single and dual sided electronic assemblies.

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What did the electronics assembly industry do with its $400,000,000 savings on a special lead-free solder alloy since 2006?

Posted 2/20/2014 by Mike Murphy

We calculate that since the 2006 RoHS implementation that ALPHA® SACX® lead-free solder alloys have created $400,000,000 in savings as assemblers switched from the more expensive SAC305 to our highly reliable low Ag alloys. If your were among the smart engineers to make the switch early, what did you do with the money you saved your company? Intensify your R&D? Add more equipment? Increase your engineering staff? Go to the beach?

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Meeting Advanced LED Thermal Management Requirements for Challenging Automotive Applications

Posted 12/4/2013 by Ravi M. Bhatkal, Ph.D.

LED technology is seeing widespread adoption in automotive applications, for both interior applications such as instrument clusters, displays and dome lights, and exterior applications such as tail lamps, turn signals, center mounted stop lights, daytime running lights and headlamps.  LEDs offer several advantages such as energy efficiency, long life, instant turn on and off, high luminance, high brightness, color control (e.g. pure red, orange, and white light), shock and vibration resistance, and styling and design freedom.  

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Do You Need to Add More Solder Paste to Create Stronger Joints in Your Mobile Device Assembly Process?

Posted 12/3/2013 by

Traditional screen printing processes can fail to deliver adequate solder paste volume during the assembly of today’s very thin mobile devices.  This can be the case for difficult applications like flexible boards, cavity printing, and challenging components, such as RF shields, connectors and RF power components on highly populated boards.  Additional solder can be jetted on to pads in board cavities and on to printed paste deposits to achieve the proper solder volume needed in these challenging types of assembly processes without adding significant process time.  Jet printing provides complete volume control in which paste deposits can be optimized for each individual pad on a PCB.  Recent studies carried out by Alpha have shown that screen printing and jet printing can be combined on the same board without affecting solder joint quality.

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ALPHA's A.R.T.E. Stencil Tool Creates Value!

Posted 9/5/2013 by Harold Sneath

Imagine this challenge to your PCB printing operation:  Your company, a contract manufacturer, produces a wide array of PCB assemblies, from simple to the very complex for a wide range of industries, including the automotive, consumer, wireless, medical, industrial and telecom.  Many of your designs are fine pitch, and the product quality and knowledge you receive from your stencil supplier is starting to become critical to your success in supporting your customers.

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Protect the Environment and Your Bottom Line with Responsible ALPHA® Recycling Services

Posted 9/3/2013 by Steef Nuijens / John Czysz

Alpha provides electronics assemblers safe, efficient solder recycling services which will help you meet environmental and legislative requirements, while maximizing the return on your solder dross, solder paste waste, circuit board scrap (E-waste) and Photovoltaic manufacturing waste.  

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