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Alpha’s Latest Product Innovations Target Voiding Issues

Emma Giles

Alpha’s Latest Product Innovations Target Voiding Issues

Somerset, NJ – August 7th, 2017

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, addresses the issue of voiding with its latest selection of advanced product technologies.

Voiding is a common issue in PCB Assembly and is caused by volatile ingredients in the solder paste. Voiding can occur anywhere in the solder joint and is especially problematic as it reduces the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of solder joints.

To solve this issue, Alpha has developed the revolutionary ALPHA® AccuFlux™ Technology for preforms. The flux coating when applied to a preform is engineered to decrease voiding for power components that require consistent low-voiding solder joints from normal SMT processes.

“ALPHA® AccuFlux™ Technology allows a specially designed coating with an ultra-low voiding flux formulation to be applied accurately from preform to preform,” explains Mike Marczi, Vice President of Engineered Materials at Alpha Assembly Solutions, a part of the MacDermid Performance Solutions Group of Businesses. “This precise flux deposit ensures a repeatable void performance. Preforms coated with AccuFlux™ also deliver excellent electrical reliability and maximized component heat dissipation.”

In addition, ALPHA® TrueHeight® Spacers are available for void reduction under LGA components. “TrueHeight® Spacers can be strategically placed under LGA or any larger size leadless components to provide an exit path for outgassing,” said Jerry Sidone, Product Manager for Engineered Materials at Alpha Assembly Solutions. “Their low profile and small size make them an ideal solution for void reduction and reducing component tilt.”

To learn more about these void-reducing technologies, visit Alpha during SMTAI at Booth #1016.

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