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Alpha Introduces PowerBond® Preforms Designed for Increased Strength and Thermal Fatigue Resistance

Contact: Gyan Dutt

Somerset, NJ – August 21, 2018 – Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, has recently introduced ALPHA® PowerBond® Solder Preforms for high temperature, high reliability, lead-free interconnects for automotive and power semiconductor applications.

"ALPHA® PowerBond® Preforms contain approximately 5-10% of Antimony (Sb), which enable solder joints to have increased strength, thermal fatigue resistance and higher liquidis temperatures, compared to traditional tin/silver/copper-based lead-free systems", said Gyan Dutt, Global Portfolio Manager for Die Attach Solutions at Alpha Assembly Solutions, a part of the MacDermid Performance Solutions Group of Businesses. "These preforms can also be customized with ALPHA® TrueHeight® Preforms technology for bond-line thickness and tilt control or can be pre-coated with ALPHA® AccuFlux™, an ultra-low voiding flux formulation, for difficult-to-solder surfaces".

  • ALPHA® PowerBond® 2110 Preforms balance high creep resistance of Sn90Sb10 system with high thermal conductivity required for power semiconductor devices.
  • ALPHA® PowerBond® 2100 Preforms provide highest creep resistance and tensile strength for high operating temperature applications.
  • ALPHA® PowerBond® 2050 Preforms expand upon industry standard Sn95Sb5 alloy to provide improved wetting characteristics.

For more information on ALPHA® PowerBond® Solder Preforms, visit the Alpha website.

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