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Alpha's Latest Product Innovations Target Temperature Sensitive Assemblies and High Warpage Chips

Somerset, NJ November 12th, 2018 – Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will focus on its latest Low Temperature Solution for temperature sensitive substrates and components as well as board and component warpage at the Electronica exhibition 13th-16th November, Munich, Germany.

Low temperature assemblies can have many benefits including the ability to enable a smooth transition from wave soldering to a pin-in-paste process without the need to change any of the materials, as well reducing the thermal stress on components which leads to significantly lower failure rates. Low temperature processes also have an environmental benefit. As lower temperature assemblies require less energy the carbon footprint of the assembly facility is significantly reduced. This is of increasing importance as the electronics industry is often criticized for its lack of environmental awareness.

ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 is a revolutionary high reliability low temperature solder paste designed to increase production yield and reduce component and board warpage. With a minimum peak temperature of only 185°C versus 245°C, ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 greatly reduces the energy consumption of the SMT process.

The low temperature paste also delivers a vast improvement in reliability versus other low temperature alloys. Joints formed with ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 have significantly improved mechanical reliability, whilst drop shock performance and thermal cycling reliability in mixed alloy joints improved by 100% and 20% respectively when using ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1.

Alpha's technical experts will be available at the MacDermid Enthone booth in Hall A1 Booth #527 at the Electronica exhibition to discuss how ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 can benefit your low temperature assembly.


Date: 13th – 16th November

Venue: Messe München, Germany

Emma Giles

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