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MacDermid Alpha Introduces ALPHA® HiTech™ Product Series of Adhesives and Encapsulants for Mobile, Computing, Displays and White Goods Assemblies

(Waterbury, CT USA) – April 17th, 2019 - The Assembly division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is pleased to launch the ALPHA® HiTech™ product series of SMD Adhesives, UV Adhesives and Encapsulants which are designed for a wide range of applications

“We are pleased to introduce our first phase of HiTech™ products into the ALPHA® portfolio,” said Jimmy Shu, Director of Marketing for Asia-Pacific.  “With this new suite of products, MacDermid Alpha is well-situated to capitalize on many emerging trends in the electronics industry and offer customers additional support to solve their unique assembly challenges”.

ALPHA® HiTech™ SMD Adhesives are one component, intermediate temperature, fast heat curable surface mount products. They are designed to hold chip components in place during the wave soldering process.  Each product is formulated to optimally be used for either dispensing or printing applications.

They are well suited for wave soldering processes requiring soldering on non-through hole components such transistors, capacitors and small outline transistors (SOT).  Industry segments with this process requirement are power supply, battery chargers, LED drivers, smart meters and white goods assembly.

ALPHA® HiTech™ UV Adhesives are one component, ultraviolet curable materials which can be used to mechanically bond substrates together or encapsulate components at below 25°C. The instant curing capability of these products, within seconds under UV exposure, makes it ideal for production processes with high throughput requirements.  They are formulated for applications in industry segments such as Mobile (e.g. Main PCBs, Wireless Charger Components, Camera Modules), Computing (e.g. CD-ROM, Optical Pick Ups) and Displays (e.g. LCD TV).

ALPHA® HiTech™ Encapsulants are one component, intermediate temperature, fast heat curable materials which are designed to mechanically protect assembled chips and encapsulated IC devices from dropping off or cracking.  The applications include the portables such as smartphones and smartcards which require increase of mechanical reliability.

For more information on ALPHA® HiTech™ Adhesives and Encapsulants, visit the company website.

Jimmy Shu
Director of Marketing – Asia-Pacific

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