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MacDermid Alpha's Assembly Division to Present Low Temperature Soldering Solutions at the EPP Innovations Forum

(Waterbury, CT USA) – Feburary 18th, 2019 – The Assembly division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, will be presenting its latest Low Temperature Soldering Solutions at the EPP Innovations Forum, on Wednesday 13th March, in Böblingen, Germany.

Ralph Christ, Customer Technical Support Manager DACH Region for MacDermid Alpha will present on the latest trends and technologies in low temperature assembly with a focus on the revolutionary ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 low temperature solder paste. "Moving to a low temperature soldering process can provide multiple benefits including enabling a smooth transition from wave soldering to pin-in-paste, reducing thermal stress on components, and providing significant energy savings," comments Ralph. "Low Temperature assemblies also deliver a noteable decrease in Non-Wet Open and Head-in-Pillow defects as well as dynamic warpage, common issues exacerbated by the continued trend towards miniaturisation in portable device applications."

ALPHA® OM-550 low temperature solder paste paired with the HRL1 alloy has been designed to increase production yield and reduce component warpage on temperature sensitive substrates, components and high warpage chips. With a minimum peak temperature of only 185°C vs 245°C, ALPHA®  OM-550 reduces energy consumption in the SMT Process. The low temperature reflow also eliminates HIP and NWO defects. ALPHA® OM-550 delivers improved mechanical reliability, drop shock performance and thermal cycling reliability in mixed alloy joints compared to other low temperature alloys.

To register for the EPP Innovations forum please go to the following link:

For more information on our Low Temperature Solutions please visit the Alpha website.

About the EPP Innovations Forum

Date: Wednesday 13th March
Location:  Kongresshalle Böblingen, Germany

At the 7th EPP Innovations Forum Germany, renowned companies and speakers will present on the topic of competitiveness in the electronics manufacturing industry in Germany, and how this can be maintained and expanded.

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Name: Ralph Christ

Title: Customer Technical Support Manager DACH Region


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