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MacDermid Alpha Wins Prestigious Awards at NEPCON CHINA

(Waterbury, CT USA) – May 15, 2019 - The Assembly division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, is pleased to announce that it has received 4 awards at NEPCON CHINA recognizing its high level of achievement in soldering products technology.  These prestigious awards were presented to Alpha by SMT China and EM Asia, two leading publications covering electronics assembly technologies in the Asia Pacific.  The awards presented to MacDermid Alpha include:

The 13th SMT China Vision Awards:

ALPHA® OM-358 Solder Paste wins “Solder Paste” under the SMT Assembly Materials category
ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preforms wins “Solder Alloy” under SMT Assembly Materials category

The 14th EM Asia Innovation Awards:

ALPHA® OM-358 Solder Paste wins “Solder Paste” under the Materials category
ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preforms wins “Other Soldering Materials” under the Materials category

ALPHA® OM-358 Ultra-Low Voiding, Zero-Halogen Solder Paste

ALPHA® OM-358 is a lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste designed to provide ultra-low voiding performance on all component types including bottom termination components. ALPHA® OM-358 achieves IPC Class III voiding on BGA components and less than 10% voiding on bottom termination components. This paste is designed for ultra-low voiding performance with high reliability alloys such as Innolot as well as traditional SAC alloys.

ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preforms

ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 Preforms are designed to enhance reliability and heat transfer through the reduction of voiding under bottom termination components.  The Preform System can achieve less than 5% voiding in final solder joints under proper processing conditions. It does this with a 95% confidence level. What’s more, ALPHA® AccuFlux™ BTC-578 flux coated preforms and solder paste combined with an optimized stencil design result in minimal to non-detectable flux residues, meeting the most demanding electro-chemical reliability requirements. The Preform System can easily be implemented into an existing SMT circuit assembly process. You will leverage ALPHA’s technology and expertise to design the most consistent low voiding solution for your application.

To learn more about Alpha’s vast product offering and capabilities, please visit Alpha website.

About MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Through the innovation of specialty chemicals and materials under our Alpha, Compugraphics, and MacDermid Enthone brands, we provide solutions that power electronics interconnection.  We serve all global regions and every step of device manufacturing within each segment of the electronics supply chain.   The experts in our Semiconductor Solutions, Circuitry Solutions, and Assembly Solutions divisions collaborate in design, implementation, and technical service to ensure success for our partner clients.  Our solutions enable our customers’ manufacture of extraordinary electronic devices at high productivity and reduced cycle time. Find more at


Sally Lee
Regional Marketing Communications Manager – Asia Pacific

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