Project Examples

Below is an example of the metric analysis Alpha used during a recent Customer Value project. It is followed by a list of other recent projects that were executed in partnership with several of our customers.

Improve first pass yield in Base Metal Manufacturing


Customer Value Six Sigma Projects

  • Solder Coating, US: Reduce defects and increase through-put on solder coating process line

  • Solar cell manufacturer: Project to improve electroless copper plating consistency and identify sources of thickness variation (photovoltaic cells)

  • Mobile Phone, EU: Develop a method to characterize a Parts Per Million level soldering defect – “Head in Pillow” with BGAs

  • Plating on Plastics, US: Project to reduce plating defects on Plating-on-plastic parts

  • Automotive Electronics, US: Capture Voice of Customer input into a solder paste new product development project specification

  • Zinc plating, Europe: Project to improve process control of zinc plating and thereby improve corrosion resistance consistency (windows fittings)

  • Light bulb manufacturer, Netherlands: Improve soldering on light bulb contacts
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