Alpha LED Die Attach Technology

Alpha’s specialty material technologies are based on our strong relationships within the LED segment, commitment to R&D and a clear understanding of the need to provide value for our customers in each key step in the LED assembly process. Alpha’s dedicated LED bonding materials cover die attach for Flip-Chip, Lateral, and Vertical, chip on board. Alpha’s full range of products can address key issues such as thermal management, efficiency and brightness and reliability and lifetime for the solid state lighting market.

Alpha LED Application Chip Table

   Conductive Adhesive
Solder Paste
Pressure Sintering
Product Name
 Atrox Lumet® Argomax®

Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)

 50-60  200+
 Application Method

Pin Transfer


Secondary Reflow Profile
No Yes
Surface Finish Compatibility
 Chip Structure Recommendation
  • Lateral
  • Vertical
  • Flip Chip on Board (FCoB)
  • Chip on Board (CoB)
  • Vertical in Package


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