Power Discrete

“Green technologies”, like electric cars, efficient high speed trains, wind mills and photovoltaic farms, can reduce the pressure on traditional energy sources. Alpha sinter technology enables new levels of efficiency in these green technologies because it possesses high thermal conductivity and delivers high reliability. Alpha Sinter materials product line is dedicated to the growing market of power discretes and is a direct response to the needs outlined and it is ready to take on the most demanding applications like SiC and GaN.

Alpha offer a complete line of products that can be either on a paste (dispensing / printing) or a film format, for finishes like Au, Ag or bare Cu.

Alpha Die Attach Products for Power Discrete:

Application Paste

ALPHA® Argomax® 9000 Preforms

Film Attachment to Ag, Au Attachment to Cu Argomax Product
Printing Dispensing
Power Discretes   X X   X   2040
  X     X 5040
    X X   8020
    X   X 8050
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