Alpha Automotive Market


Alpha is focused on addressing the needs of the automotive industry with proven solutions targeting reduced emissions, electrification, safety, reliability and performance.  Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs are leveraging Alpha's focused research and development and as part of Element Solutions Inc., a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of surface coating and joining materials, we are uniquely qualified to offer a full range of materials technology solutions for the Automotive market.

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Alpha Computers Market


Working with Alpha gives companies a significant advantage in the highly competitive computer industry.  Our innovations are engineered for complex designs that utilize a great variety of materials.  The first step in developing low-power, low-cost, high-density computers is collaborating with Alpha for high performance assembly materials.

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Alpha Mobile and Handheld Devices Market

Mobile and Handheld Devices

Bring your most innovative designs to market with the lightweight strength and reliability that only Alpha performance materials can provide.  Our comprehensive experience on the assembly line, combined with intensive research and development, has resulted in the customized solutions for complex circuitry of the industry.  Alpha’s innovations for Mobile/Handheld Device applications include: solder paste, stencils, flux, wire, surface mount adhesives, and cleaners.

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Alpha Semiconductor Packaging Market

Power Semiconductor

The global Power Semiconductor market is growing dramatically.  The rapid rate of change is enabled by new technologies that improve not only reliability, but overall performance as well.  These new technologies address a wide range of market segments, including automotive, alternative energy, transportation, consumer electronics, telecommunications and industrial. 

Alpha is committed to the development of unique die attach products that are designed to meet the demanding applications for today and into the future of the power semiconductor industry.

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Alpha Power Supply Market

Power Supply

Power supply manufacturers are tasked to provide components that balance energy demand with reduced power consumption.  Alpha’s high quality materials allow for the design of products that meet connectivity, mobility and sustainability needs while improving reliability and performance of electronic devices that supply electric energy to computers and consumer electronic devices.

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Alpha Military and High Reliability Market

Military/Medical High Reliability

For vital operations, Alpha has developed assembly materials connections that exhibit high reliability and performance.  Common problems, such as voids and oxidation, are minimized and eliminated with our advanced products.  These technologies allows for improved operational accuracy with increased durability.  Alpha’s innovations for Military/Medical applications include: solder paste, stencils, flux, wire, surface mount adhesives, and cleaners.

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Alpha IT and Telecom Market

IT / Telecom

By leveraging on our vast experience with our innovative engineering, Alpha formulates soldering material with specific properties, such as melting behavior and temperature, to decrease IT/Telecom assembly challenges.  This results in end products with long-term reliability and high performance.  Alpha’s innovations for IT/Telecom applications include: solder paste, stencils, flux, wire, surface mount adhesives, and cleaners.

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Alpha LED Market


More companies trust Alpha to optimize the LED industry’s technology drivers of cost per lumen, efficiency, brightness, and reliability over lifetime.  Our value-adding products are the result of our strong commitment to researching and developing technologies that positively impact each key step of the LED manufacturing process, from package on board through to the assemblies of the luminaire and power drive and control. 

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Alpha Photovoltaic Market


The multiple soldering interconnect steps in your PV module assembly process play a vital role in your throughput and yield.  Alpha can provide you with the right set of materials, as well as, guidance to help you optimize your assembly process. The result: high throughput, high yield production and high efficiency, high reliability solar modules.

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Alpha Television and Display Market

Televisions / Displays

Electrical connections in televisions and displays are best served by Alpha’s extensive technologies.  Our wide variety of electronic assembly materials fulfill the requirements for an array of soldering processes, including wave, reflow, hot-gas, and hot-bar.  Benefits include improved precision, increased conductivity and corrosion resistance, as well as decreased thermal fatigue.  Alpha’s innovations for Television/Display applications include: solder paste, stencils, flux, wire, surface mount adhesives, and cleaners.

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Power Conversion Applications

Power Conversion

Alpha developed ALPHA® Argomax® advanced sinter technologies to improve the reliability and performance of power supplies for automotive, alternative energy, transportation, consumer electronics, telecommunications and industrial applications.  Environmentally friendly Argomax® produces extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity silver bonds with flexible bond line thicknesses for even the most challenging processes.

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Alpha-Market-Recycling-Molten Metal Dross Thumb

Recycling Services

Alpha provides electronics assemblers safe, efficient solder recycling services which will help them meet environmental and legislative requirements while maximizing the return on their solder dross, scrap and solder paste waste.  We continue to invest and expand our capabilities to take back metal waste streams and responsibly recycle that waste into high purity raw materials for reuse.  Our facilities are located in the Americas and European Regions.

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