ALPHA® CVP-390 Innolot Automotive

High Reliability Lead-Free Alloy Solder Paste For The Most Demanding Automotive Conditions

InnoLot is a SAC based alloy developed with the Automotive Industry. It is  designed for use in demanding environments (high temperature and vibration) that are beyond the reliability performance capabilities of standard SAC alloys. ALPHA® CVP-390 InnoLot deploys the InnoLot alloy in a zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste flux system, which provides excellent pin testing properties and ability to pass the most stringent electro-chemical reliability standards.

This product is also designed to enable consistent fine pitch printing capability, down to 180um circle printed with 100um thickness stencil, making it ideal for use in applications such as Automotive vision and detection systems where miniaturisation and reliability are of paramount importance. 

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