More companies trust Alpha to optimize the LED industry’s technology drivers of cost per lumen, efficiency, brightness, and reliability over lifetime.  Our value-adding products are the result of our strong commitment to researching and developing technologies that positively impact each key step of the LED manufacturing process, from package on board through to the assemblies of the luminaire and power drive and control. 

Alpha’s dedicated materials portfolio for all levels of LED assembly include:

Sintered Silver Die Attach, Conductive Silver Epoxy, Solder Paste, Solder Bar, Solder Wire & Adhesives

Level 1: Die Attach

Sintered Silver

Conductive Adhesives

Fine Feature Solder Pastes

  • Lumet® FC39 – Printable Paste for Flip Chip LED & Wafer Bumping
  • Lumet® JP510 – Paste for Jet Printing
  • Lumet® P23 - Pin Transferable / Dispensable Paste for Flip Chip LED
  • Lumet® HTP61 – Printable High Temperature Paste
  • Lumet® HTPFC61 – Pin Transferable High Temperature Paste for Flip Chip LED
  • Lumet® HTP82 – Printable Water Soluble High Temperature Paste

Die Attach Flux

  • WSX-FD - Flux for Eutectic AuSn Attach

Level 2: Package on Board

Level 3: Luminaire Assembly

Level 4+5: Controls and Drivers

LED Brochure cover

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