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The new environmental focus has increased industry awareness of metal recycling.  Increasingly stringent RCRA regulations specify that certain scrap metal, if not recycled, will be considered hazardous waste and must be handled appropriately.  This intensifies your need for a reliable and efficient recycler.  Alpha is a full-service recycler offering accurate analysis and the highest possible yield from solder scrap.  Recycling operations are performed in accordance with all local and federal regulation.  You will benefit from the greatest recovery value for your material and the assurance of environmentally safe processing.  Upon request, we also supply a certificate of recycling which is your proof that materials were properly recycled.

Recycling Materials

Lead/Lead-Free Solder Dross and Metal Scrap

Solder dross is a by-product of the wave soldering operation which is created by the molten metals exposure to oxygen. The dross is a combination of solid metal and an oxide which also contains metal for recycling. Alpha provides complete recycling services for all your Tin Lead and Lead Free solder dross and solid pot metals. All dross and pot metal should be separated into Lead Free and Leaded containers, as it will yield the highest rate of return for your company. Alpha supplies buckets free of charge and pays freight on orders exceeding 500 lbs. from USA / Canada and 1,000 lbs. from Mexico.

  • Pot  dumps
  • Dross / skimming
  • Anodes and anode scrap
  • Oxides

Recycling Wipes, Jars, Syringes, PastesSolder Paste

Solder paste is a combination of flux and solder powder and as such requires special reprocessing methods. Unused solder paste should be segregated in a separate container for recycling. Alpha is a major global manufacturer of solder paste, and has all of the expertise required for its safe processing. These skills are not necessarily available from companies who do not manufacture solder paste.

  • Spent and unused solder paste
  • Paste, wipes, jars, and syringes


Circuit Boards


Alpha provides recycling and destructive services for populated and unpopulated circuit boards which can yield a high return for customers.  These destruction of these materials can include a certificate of destruction or recycling in order to protect the intellectual property of those products.

  • Populated Circuit Boards
  • Unpopulated Circuit Boards


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