Americas Recycling Contacts

Americas Recycling Services

Alpha Recycling Services can eliminate your concerns over solder scrap recycling.  We are an ISO 14001 full-service recycler offering accurate analysis and the highest possible yield from solder scrap.  Recycling operations are performed in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations. You will benefit from the greatest recovery vale for your material and the assurance of environmentally safe processing with a complete paper trail.  Contact the Recycling Specialist nearest you for detailed recycling information.

Reclaim Coordinator US/Canada
Contact: Mary Kay Summerville
4100 6th Avenue
Altoon, PA 16602
Tel: 800-289-3797
Tel: 814-940-3819
Fax: 814-940-6752

Western United States & Western Canada
Contact: Patricia Mealey
Tel: 800-963-7487
Mob: 714-963-7487

Eastern Mexico
Contact: Tereso Contreras
Tel: 52 1(81) 4170-7469
Mob: 52 (181) 1412-9207

Contact: Luciana Liborio Abrahim
Tel: 55 92 3614-7441
Fax: 55 92 8126-0008

Midwest & South East United States
Harold Sneath
Mob: 224-213-3256

Northeast United States & Eastern Canada
Jack Wagner
Tel: 814-941-1697
Mob: 908-205-3473

Western Mexico
Northwest Mexico
Contact: Daniel Galaviz
Tele: 52 1(81) 4170-7469
Mob: 52 (81) 1411 3547

Reclaim Coordinator Mexico
Av Nafta No 800 Parque Industrial STIVA
Aeropuerto Apodaca NL Mexico
Contact: Chantal Osorio
Tele: 52 4170 3561 Ext. 816647
Mob: (044) 8120221563

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