Q: Can you provide us with the latest version of your conflict Mineral reporting Template?

A:  To download the latest version of the Alpha reporting Template please use this link.


To receive automatic updates of the Alpha reporting Template please register at:

EICC GeSI Reporting Template

Q: Why can’t Alpha buy only from CFS approved smelters?

A: Alpha is actively working to use only smelters that are CFS certified and we are working closely with smelters in our supply chain to understand when their CFS Certification status changes.  However, given the amount of Sn that Alpha needs to meet our customer demands, it is not practical for Alpha to instantly stop buying Sn from non-CFS certified smelters.  This is why Alpha is only buying Sn from CFS Certified smelters and from smelters who are on the active list. 

Q: When are the smelters in your supply chain scheduled to become CFS approved

A: We have reached out to the EICC for an update on when the Active smelters are scheduled to receive their CFS certification.  The EICC gave us the following response:

“Once a smelter becomes Active, they have 90 days to submit their pre-audit documents (LIS and PAC) to CFSI. However, we do allow for some flexibility here when the smelter is having difficulty preparing the documents or might need some extra assistance. Assuming the smelters move through the pre-audit phase on schedule, it can take another month for the on-site audit to occur, for the report to be written, and for the Audit Review Committee to make a determination and poste to the web. That is, if there are no issues identified in the audit. If issues are identified, the smelter enters a 90 day corrective action phase. This explains why it might take some time for a smelter to become compliant.”

 The ICC websites states:

Smelters and refiners are identified as Active in the Conflict-Free Smelter Program once they submit signed Agreement for the Exchange of Confidential Information (AECI) and Auditee Agreement contracts. If a smelter or refiner that has been identified as Active is deemed by the CFSP to not be progressing toward an audit, gap closure, or re-audit for more than 90 days, that smelter or refiner will be removed from the Active list. A company that is unresponsive for 45 days will be removed from the Active list.

From talking to reps of EICC member companies, we have learned that a common problem amongst smelters is that the commitment to the CFS program is easy, however advancing through the audit process is not.  In the past, how quickly the smelter advances and completes the audit process is largely up to them.  Quite a few smelters become Active, and then go “dark”. 

The CFSI is working on a more structured process, where a smelter must pass certain milestones by certain dates in order to remain on the Active List.  This process is still being developed at this time and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Alpha believes it is time that the supply chain starts to pressure the smelters to speed up the certification process. We have reached out to the active smelters on the Alpha reporting template and have requested their scheduled CFS certification dates. Hopefully, this will help get the suppliers to speed up their efforts.  Please ask the same from your other conflict mineral suppliers.

Q: When will 100% of Alpha’s supply of Conflict Minerals come from CFS certified smelters?

A: It is Alpha’s intent to source exclusively from CFS approved smelters by the end of Q1 2014.

Q: Can you provide links to CFS smelters who are active and approved by the EICC?

A: Yes. Please see links listed below:

Link to Approved smelter list http://www.conflictfreesourcing.org/tin-conflict-free-smelters/?

Link to Active smelter list http://www.conflictfreesourcing.org/active-smelters-refiners/

Q: Why are some of the Smelters on Alpha’s Smelter list marked as active but do not appear on the EICC active list?

A: The Active and CFS certified smelters list that are published on www.conflictfreesourcing.org are regularly updated.  Alpha will update its EICC reporting template at least once a quarter to reflect the latest changes in its supply chain and the smelter status.

Q: Alpha states on the EICC/GeSi reporting template that it sources tin that originates from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), what is the reason for this?

A: Alpha is participating in a pilot program called CFTI - The Conflict Free Tin Initiative.  The mission of this program is to demonstrate that a viable supply chain of Conflict-free minerals can be established from the Conflict region (DRC and surrounding regions).  As a result, Alpha has purchased Sn that originates in the DRC and is smelted by MSC, a CFS (Conflict Free Smelter) in Malaysia.  Therefore, even though the Sn originated in the conflict region, it is certified as conflict free.  We decided to participate in this program to help demonstrate to the electronics assembly industry that it is possible to obtain conflict free Sn from the conflict region.

 For more information on the Conflict Free Tin Initiative please visit:


Q: I'm experiencing technical issues with Alpha’s EICC/GeSi reporting Template, what should I do?

A: The EICC/GeSi reporting Template has been designed to work with recent versions of Microsoft Excel.  Reading the file with older excel versions can result in technical difficulties and is likely to cause any of the following error messages:

  • Unable to open Alpha’s EICC/GeSi reporting Template.
  • Alpha’s EICC/GeSi reporting Template displays #VALUE? Messages.
  • Alpha’s EICC/GeSi reporting Template is password protected.

If you receive one of these error messages, you probably need to download a current version of Microsoft Excel.

Q: Some fields of the smelter list page on Alpha’s EICC/GeSi reporting Template are left blank, why is that?

A: Alpha aims to fully complete the EICC/GeSi reporting Template. In some cases, Alpha has been unable to receive missing information. Alpha has no direct relation with many of the smelters in its supply chain and will have to obtain the missing information through its suppliers.  We will do our utmost best to put pressure on our suppliers to provide us with the missing information.

Q: Is your company registered with iPoint?

A:  Yes.  Our company is registered as Alpha Metals, Inc. and our iPCMP ID number is 8646.

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