ALPHA® HiTech SMD Adhesives

ALPHA HiTech SMD Adhesives are one component, intermediate temperature and fast curing surface mount products. They are designed to hold chip components during the wave soldering process.  Each product is formulated to optimally be used for dispensing or printing applications.


ALPHA HiTech SMD Adhesives are well suited for wave soldering processes requiring soldering on non-through hole components such transistors, capacitors and SOT.  Industry segments with this process requirement are power supply, battery chargers,  LED Drivers, Smart Meters and White Good assembly. Users of the ALPHA HiTech  series of SMD Adhesives can benefit from the following key product features:

  • Specially formulated Thixotropic Index (TI) for optimal dispensing and printing process
  • Excellent Non-Sagging property, for good contact with base of chip components during placement process
  • Excellent Thermal Resistance enables it to hold the component and keep it from dropping during wave soldering process
  • Excellent Adhesion property on FR4, Flexible Polyimide and Chip components
  • Halogen Free



Surface Mount Adhesive

ALPHA HiTech SM42-1311 is a one component, fast curable surface mount adhesive designed for dispensing application.

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Surface Mount Adhesive

ALPHA HiTech SM42-120P is a one component, fast curable surface mount adhesive which provides users the option to apply it by either screen printing and dispensing.

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