ALPHA® HiTech UV Adhesives

ALPHA HiTech UV Adhesives are one-component, ultraviolet curable materials. They can be used to mechanically bond substrates together at below 25oC. The instant curing  capability of these products, within seconds under UV exposure, makes them ideal for production processes with high throughput requirements.  

ALPHA Hi-Tech UV Adhesives are designed to be used in the following applications: Mobiles – Main PCB boards, Wireless  Charger component, Optical Pick Ups (CD ROM, computers), Camera Modules, LCD display(TV). Users of the ALPHA HiTech  Series of UV Products can benefit from the following key product features:

  • Products Selection Availability to match common materials
  • Excellent Adhesion Strength at room temperature and higher temperatures
  • Excellent Resistance to Moisture Absorption
  • Fast Throughput performance
  • Halogen Free



Ultraviolet Cure Adhesive

ALPHA HiTech UP44-5566T is a one-component UV cure system.  It is suitable for fast curing and bonding in various applications such as coating and fixing of components.

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