Flux Cored, Wire Solder

ALPHA AS2 is a rosin-free activated cored solder wire. Its flux formation is based on volatile organic compounds with an extremely effective activator system. Alpha AS2 is particularly formulated for flame soldering, for example with bulb production and capacitor manufacturing. However AS2 can be used with any other soldering technique if temperature is high enough and sufficient heat applied and SIR of flux residues is not a premium requirement.

Features & Benefits

ALPHA AS2 flux is considered to be conditional corrosive and decomposition starts at 135°C. With continued heating the flux nearly completely evaporates. AS2 is not flammable and provides very smooth solder flow until volatilised. These properties are especially suited for flame soldering in bulb industries and capacitor production, but also for other applications, where activity of rosin flux is not sufficient.

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