ALPHA® Pure Core

Cored Wire

ALPHA Pure Core is an organic activated, water soluble flux cored solder that meets the Corrosion Resistance Test and Surface Insulation Resistance requirements per IPC-TM-650 ALPHA Pure Core contains a water soluble resin derivative of rosin and a buffered organic activation system. This efficient flux produces bright, shiny solder connections, even if cleaning is delayed for several days.

Features & Benefits Ag-Free Alloy

ALPHA Pure Core is recommended for use in any electronic hand soldering application where high fluxing strength and the ability to clean with water are desired. It has low smoke and odor characteristics which make it particularly suited for touch-up and repair of printed circuit boards where personnel are in close contact with the product.

The very effective activator system enables the flux to penetrate even heavily tarnished surfaces among the following materials:

Beryllium Copper


Solder (Plate)



Solder (Hot Dip)


Nickel (Plate)

Terne (Plate)

Cadmium (Plate)


Tin (Hot Dip)



Tin (Plate)

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