No-Clean, Cored Solder Wire

ALPHA RS7MI has an activated rosin flux core. The halide activator system provides extremely good tarnish removing properties. RS7MI has good soldering performance even on very difficult soldering surfaces. ALPHA RS7MI leaves post-soldering residues that are hard and which can be safely left without need to remove them (depending on classification of end use product). If the removal of residues is required then, semiaqueous or aqueous systems can be used effectively.

Features & Benefits

  • Very fast wetting → Low Cycle times
  • Good spread characteristics → Excellent Solder Joints
  • Pleasant pine smell → Operator Friendly
  • Clear and safe residue → No-Clean Residues, Useful for all Applications
  • Provides good joint appearance → Makes Inspection easy

ALPHA RS7MI is suitable for use in any commercial no-clean hand soldering application that specifies compliance to J-STD-004 – ROM1. It is suited to areas of industry that require higher flux activity levels to solder poor / highly tarnished surfaces, while still providing good reliability.

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