ALPHA® 2110


Alpha 2110 is a cleaning concentrate designed for efficient removal of rosin flux residues from printed circuit boards using aqueous saponification processing. In conveyorized, in-line aqueous machines, Alpha 2110 will provide excellent cleaning of assemblies, even to ionic cleanliness standards set forth in MIL-P-28809.

2110 is formulated to maintain its composition in the recirculated wash solution during prolonged use, thus greatly reducing makeup additions normally required. Alpha 2110 works without the use of silicone defoamers. If excessive levels of foaming is observed while using Alpha 2110, consider the use of K-2235LF saponifier. Alpha 2110 removes rosin flux residues primarily by forming water soluble rosin soaps.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleans rosin flux residues in water solution. Proven alternative to solvent cleaning.
  • Most widely used product of this type. Safe and effective, even for high reliability assemblies.
  • A concentrate used at 3-5% in conveyorized cleaners. Cost-effective and simple to use.
  • Phase II approved.
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