Amarkleen® E2001SC


Armakleen® E-2001SC is an environmentally sensible, inorganic based, aqueous cleaner designed to clean solder paste from stencils and screens used in the manufacture of surface mount electronic assemblies. Armakleen E-2001SC has a very low viscosity, causes minimal residue on the equipment, does not harm epoxy and will not discolor brass. The product offers a wide range of technical and environmental benefits and can be used in most aqueous screen cleaning equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • No VOC. Meets EPA emissions Test 24.
  • Non-toxic. No special safety, handling or storage.
  • Non-hazardous. No SARA 313 and WHMIS reporting requirements.
  • No Amines/Glycol Ethers. Enhanced worker safety.
  • Non-flammable. Safe in any cleaning equipment.
  • No odor for operator comfort.
  • Very low BOD/COD. Easy disposal.
  • Inorganic chemistry. Simple effluent treatment.

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