Armakleen® E-2003


Armakleen® E-2003 is an environmentally sensible, inorganic based aqueous cleaner designed specifically for in-line or batch equipment used in cleaning electronic assemblies. Armakleen E-2003 has a unique chemistry which minimizes solids build-up on the inside of cleaning equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Low surface tension. Penetrates low stand-off heights.
  • Minimizes solids build-up. Reduces equipment maintenance.
  • No attack on solder. Brighter solder joints.
  • No VOC's. No VOC permits required.
  • Non-hazardous. No SARA 313 or WHIMS reporting requirements.
  • No amines/glycol ethers. Enhanced worker safety.
  • Non-flammable. Reduce fire risk.
  • No objectionable odor. Worker friendly.
  • Low BOD/COD. Easy waste disposal.

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