ALPHA SM-110 Cleaner is a mixture of organic solvents designed specially for non-aqueous cleaning applications. ALPHA SM-110 effectively removes most types of raw solder paste residues and uncured SMT adhesives. It is also effective on post-soldering flux residues and other organic contaminants associated with printed circuit board assembly. The product will evaporate completely with minimal odor. No water rinse is required.

ALPHA SM-110 is an excellent replacement for IPA in most applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective cleaner at ambient temperature. Ideal for stencil cleaning and non-aqueous batch cleaning.
  • High Solvency of solder paste residues. Reduces process time.
  • High flux loading capacity. Longer bath life.
  • Non-corrosive. Compatible with most stencil and PWA materials of construction.
  • Fast evaporation. Reduces process time. No water rinse required.
  • Effective in a wide range of applications. Reduces the number of chemicals required in a facility.

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