Alpha has developed environmentally-friendly products for many years that deliver significant environmental benefits, including lead-free, low-VOC, no-VOC and halogen-free. These environmentally-friendly products help our customers run cleaner, greener processes and produce products that are safer to use and safer to handle at the end of their product life cycle.

You will find ALPHA environmentally-friendly products in our solder paste, wave solder bar and flux, paste flux, preform and cored wire lines.

Product Category
Product Name Lead-Free Low-/no-VOC Halogen Content

Solder Paste
OM-338 T   ND
OM-338 CSP   ND
OM-338 PT   ND
ALPHA® OM-340  ✓     
OM-350   <500 ppm
ALPHA® CVP-360    
ALPHA® CVP-390    
ALPHA® CVP-520    
ALPHA PoP-33    
ALPHA® SAC-305    
 Bar Solder SACX Plus 0307    
SACX Plus 0807    
SACX Plus HASL    
SACX Plus 0107    
Wave Soldering Flux ALPHA® EF-2202 ✓* VOC-free  
EF 2210 ✓* VOC-free ND
EF 6000 ✓*    
EF 6103 ✓*    
EF 6850HF ✓*    
EF 8000 ✓*    
EF 8800HF  ✓*
EF 9301 ✓*    
ALPHA® NR 205 ✓*    
ALPHA® NR 330 ✓* VOC-free ND
ALPHA® 9230 B ✓*   ND
ALPHA® SLS-65C ✓*   <500 ppm
ALPHA® SLS65 ✓*    <500 ppm
Paste Flux ALPHA® OM-340 ND
ALPHA® OM-345   ND
ALPHA® WS-9160-M3   ND
ALPHA® WS-9180-M7   ND
ALPHA® PoP 707   ND
ALPHA® PoP 33    
ALPHA® CVP 390    
ALPHA® CVP 520    
Solder Preforms ALPHA® Exactalloy SACX  
Cored Wire ALPHA® SMT
ALPHA® Telecore HF-850


* Lead-free compatible
ND = Not Detectable

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