Electrically and Thermally Conductive Die Attach Adhesive For LED Assembly

ALPHA® ATROX® HT900-3 is a thermosetting conductive die attach adhesive with moderate thermal conductivity designed for low to mid power High Brightness LED die attach applications which require optimum heat dissipation for superior lumen output. ALPHA® ATROX® HT900-3 has low resin bleed out and low condensable organics which ensure low voiding and excellent package reliability.

ALPHA® ATROX® HT900-3 shows exceptional low bond joint resistance on oxidized surfaces enabling maximum lifetime performance of LED die in end use environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Good Thermal Conductivity > 20 W/m-K
  • Low stress material for small to medium size die packages (< 25mm2)
  • Low RBO and compatible with multiple lead-frame surfaces: Cu & PPF (NiPdAu)
  • Compatible with Bare Si and metalized die surfaces
  • High through put dot and pattern dispense capable with excellent workability across all leadframe designs
  • Lower temperature cure for exposed pad packages
  • Ultra Low voiding on small to medium size die on various leadframe / component finishes
  • Excellent reliability properties and able to pass MSL3 conditions
  • Compatible with either nitrogen or air cure conditions

Application Methods

  • Syringe / Shower Head Dispense
  • Screen / Stencil Print
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