ALPHA® LUMET® HTP-61 Solder Paste

ALPHA® LUMET® HTP-61 Solder Paste with Sn10Sb alloy, is a high melting point off-eutectic solder (with solidus of 245°C and liquidus of ~251°C) designed for SMT and Die Attach interconnects. ALPHA® LUMET® HTP-61 Solder Paste is especially suitable for low voiding LED die-attach applications that require the package to withstand secondary reflow (peak <240°C typical for SAC305).

Features & Benefits

  • Good wetting – from low surface-oxidation powder and engineered surfactant system
  • Low voiding – from unique surfactant system
  • No clean paste with easily cleanable residues - with various solvents available in the market.
  • Long open time – slow drying paste keeps sufficient tack while mounting components


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