Ultra Low Voiding Zero Halogen Solder Paste

ALPHA® LUMET® P30 is a lead-free, Zero-halogen no-clean solder paste designed for applications including LED assembly. ALPHA® LUMET® P30 is designed to provide low flux residue and lower voiding performance for higher reliability alloys designed for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. This product is also designed to enable consistent fine pitch printing capability, Its excellent print volume deposit repeatability also provides value by reducing defects associated with print process variability. Additionally, ALPHA® LUMET® P30 achieves IPC7095 Class III voiding performance.


  • Excellent Voiding Performance: Exceeds IPC7095 Class III Requirement
  • Long, Stable Tack Force Life: Ensures high pick-and-place yields, good self-alignment
  • Wide Reflow Profile Window: Allows best quality solderability of complicated, high density PWB assemblies in reflow, using straight ramp and soak profiles, as high as 160 to 180°C soak
  • Good Coalescence and Wetting Performance: Demonstrated good wetting and coalescence properties
  • Excellent Solder Joint and Flux Residue Cosmetics: After reflow soldering, no charring or burning
  • Low Flux Residue: Has lower residues compared to other solder pastes
  • Good Hot and Cold Slump Characteristics: Passes IPC ANSI / J STD-005 acceptance criteria
  • RoHS Compliant & Environmentally Friendly: Materials comply with RoHS, REACH and Zero- Halogen requirements
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