ALPHA® LUMET® P53 is a low temperature solder paste technology designed to enable a LED package-on-flex reflow application, especially for PET flexible substrates. ALPHA® LUMET® P53 solder paste version with ALPHA® SBX02 alloy, melting point below 140oC, has been successfully used with peak reflow profiles between 155oC and 190oC. ALPHA® SBX02 alloy has improved Mechanical Strength and Drop Shock Resistance than the SnBi0.4Ag alloy. The flux residue from ALPHA® LUMET® P53 provides excellent electrical resistivity, exceeding industry standards.

All components used with ALPHA® LUMET® P53 must be lead-free to eliminate the formation of tin/lead/bismuth phase which has a melting point under 100ºC.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables LED package-on-flex assembly using Polyimide or PET substrates. Enablement of PET substrate use can result in substantial system cost reduction.
  • Reduces energy consumption in reflow ovens versus standard lead free alloys. 
  • Reduces reflow process cycle time.
  • Delivers 8+ Hour stencil life.
  • Compatible with all commonly used lead free surface finishes (Entek HT; Alpha Star Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Ni/Au, SACX HASL, etc.)
  • Excellent resistance to random solder balling- minimizing rework and increasing first time yield. 
  • Delivers very high in-circuit pin test yields, minimizing costly false negative test results. 
  • Compatible with either nitrogen or air reflow.
  • Possesses excellent solder drip resistance during reflow. 
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