ALPHA® 615-25 Series

Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® 615 flux meets MIL-F-14256 requirements for flux type RMA, making it suitable for all Military work requiring conformance to DOD-STD-2000. ALPHA 615 also meets the IPC-SF-818 standard for type LR3NC, the lowest flux residue corrositivity category and the highest surface insulation resistance rating. The standard solids content for ALPHA 615 is 37%. Where use of a lower solids flux is appropriate, such as when wave soldering surface mount boards, 615-25 (25% solids) and 615-15 (15% solids) are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum achievable RMA activity. Very fast wetting flux.
  • Very cleanable, even with high preheat. No white residue.
  • Excellent foaming properties. Uniform, consistent flux coverage.

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