ALPHA® EF-12000

Wave Solder Flux

EF-12000 is a high-solid, rosin-bearing, no-clean, alcohol-based dulling flux. It possesses the unique attributes of superb electrical reliability and excellent solderability in both Lead-Free and Tin-Lead wave soldering processes. It complies with all major international requirements for Electromigration (EM) and Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR). In addition, EF-12000 is designed for best-in-class top-side hole-fill and superior resistance to micro-solderballing, connector bridging and bridging of bottom-side SMT coponents including fine-pitch QFPs.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide process window for superior performance in both lead-free and tin-lead alloys
  • Excellent flux activity for defect-free soldering
  • Best-in-class top-side hole-fill attributes
  • High level of bridging and icicle resistance
  • Superior long-term electrical reliability
  • Evenly spread, uniform, non-tacky, clear residue on solder mask 
  • Dulling flux for reduced glare on solder joints during visual inspection
  • Can be applied via spraying or foaming

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