ALPHA EF-3215, is a resin/rosin containing, low-VOC, low solids, no-clean flux which provides the highest activity of any low-VOC for defect-free soldering. It is formulated with a proprietary mixture of resin/rosin and organic activators. ALPHA EF-3215 delivers excellent wetting and topside hole fill, even with OSP coated bare copper boards and superior reliability. Several proprietary additives are also formulated into ALPHA EF-3215, which act to reduce the surface tension between the solder mask and the solder; thereby, dramatically reducing the tendency of solderball generation. The formulation of ALPHA EF-3215 is also designed to be more thermally stable; thereby, reducing the occurrence of solder bridging.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains resin/rosin, which encapsulates the activator residues to produce assemblies with high reliability. VOC-free to help meet air quality regulations.
  • Exceptional wetting for excellent hole-fill even with organically coated bare copper boards.
  • Thermally stable activators provide low solder bridging.
  • Reduces the surface tension between solder mask and solder to provide low solderball frequency.
  • Very low level of non-tacky residue to reduce interference with pin testing and good board cosmetics.
  • Suitable for use with lead-free alloys such as 99.3Sn/0.7Cu and 96.5Sn/3.5Ag.
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