ALPHA® EF-5601

Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® EF-5601 is a resin/rosin containing, reduced VOC, low solids, no-clean flux designed for delivering comparable all around performance as similar category 100% alcohol fluxes. Benchmarked against RF-800,one of the worlds most popular alcohol based fluxes, EF-5601 complies with the industries most stringent reliability requirements while delivering excellent hole fill and minimal SMT device related defects on most standard assemblies – even those with OSP pad finishes and prior reflows. With its unique formulation, included solids remain completely in solution resulting in consistent flux deposits, excellent post soldering cosmetics and no clogging or buildup around fluxer spray nozzles. EF-5601 is also pin testable. EF-5601 contains over 30% less VOC’s than similar category alcohol fluxes making it much better for the environment and safer to use.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced VOC content results in lower VOC emissions.
  • High flash point relative to 100% alcohol fluxes making EF-5601 safer to use. 
  • Engineered for alcohol flux like performance on features requiring the high penetration behavior of low surface tension fluids.
  • Specially designed rosin / activator package producing highly reliable assemblies with excellent cosmetics and pin testability.
  • Thermally stable formulation for use in both SnPb and Pb-Free processes.

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