ALPHA® EF-6000

Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® EF-6000 was specifically developed to deliver outstanding board cosmetics and to eliminate the tendency for solder balling and solder bridging, two types of defects which are normally associated with the use of the chip wave. Of all low solids (< 4% solids), no-clean fluxes, ALPHA EF-6000 exhibits the lowest tendency for solder ball generation over a wide variety of solder masks during wave soldering and Selective Soldering operations. ALPHA EF-6000 should be considered for use by any assembler who has board designs which are sensitive to solder bridging, performs pin testing, or whose specification requires an extremely low frequency of solder balls.

ALPHA EF-6000 is an active, low solids, no-clean flux. It has been designed with a wide thermal process window enabling best-in-class productivity with lead-free wave soldering applications, and is an excellent choice for remaining tin-lead production lines. It is formulated with a proprietary mixture of organic activators. Several proprietary additives are formulated into ALPHA EF-6000 to reduce the surface tension between the solder mask and the solder; thereby, dramatically reducing the tendency of solder ball generation. The formulation of ALPHA EF-6000 is also more thermally stable, thereby, reducing the occurrence of solder bridging during lead-free dual wave soldering.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermally stable activators provide the lowest solder bridging in a low-solids, no-clean flux for wave soldering and Selective Soldering in tin-lead and lead-free applications.
  • Reduces the surface tension between solder mask and solder to provide the lowest solder ball frequency of any low solids, no-clean flux.
  • Very low level of non-tacky residue to reduce interference with pin testing and exhibit no visible residue.
  • Cleaning is not required which reduces operating costs.
  • IPC-J-STD-004 compliant for long term electrical reliability.

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