Halogen-free, Low Solids, Alcohol Based, No-Clean Liquid Soldering Flux

ALPHA EF-6808HF is a halogen-free, low solids, alcohol based, no-clean flux for use in a variety of automated and manual soldering applications. While effective on many types of assemblies, this flux has be found to exhibit excellent hole fill on assemblies with high-density components. Additionally, ALPHA EF-6808HF exhibits low bridging, icicles and solder balls in both SnPb and Pb-free processes. Flux residues are uniform, transparent, tack free and highly pin testable. ALPHA EF-6808HF is highly reliable and complies with all current Halogen - Free industry standards.

  • ALPHA EF-6808HF contains a unique blend of solvents, activators, rosins, surfactants and other ingredients
  • ALPHA EF-6808HF is good for the environment as it complies with all current halogen-free industry standards
  • ALPHA EF-6808HF produces highly reliable assemblies meeting the toughest ECM / SIR requirements
  • ALPHA EF-6808HF exhibits excellent soldering in both single and dual wave processes using a variety of SnPb and Pb-free alloys
  • ALPHA EF-6808HF leaves uniform, tack free and pin testable residues
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