Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® EF-6850HF is a Halogen-Free, low solids, alcohol based, no clean flux for lead-free wave soldering. It is formulated for both standard and thicker, high-density PCBs used in Pb-free applications. It is designed for low bridging, as well as, to provide superior performance in pin testing, hole-fill and solderballing. Additionally, it provides good cosmetics with a uniform, tack free residue.

Features & Benefits

  • Halogen Free
  • Unique activator / package 
  • Low surface tension
  • Thermally stable
  • Tack free residue
  • Environmentally friendly. Complies with halogen free industry standards
  • Produces highly reliable assemblies with excellent cosmetics and pin testability
  • High through hole penetration rate and uniform SMT pad coverage
  • Excellent soldering in both single and dual wave processing using SAC305 or other low silver alloys
  • Pin testable, uniform, transparent, tack free residue

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