ALPHA® EF-8300

Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® EF-8300 is a rosin-containing, alcohol based flux designed to optimize solderability and reliability. It is formulated for both standard and thicker, high-density PCBs in both Lead-free (standard SAC and Low Ag SAC alloys) and eutectic tin/lead processes. It is designed to have low bridging n bottom side QFPs, as well as provide superior performance in hole-fill and solderballing. Additionally, it provides good lead free solder joint cosmetics with an evenly spread, tack free residue.

Features & Benefits

  • Good hole-fill demonstrated by >96% yield on 10 mil holes.
  • Low bridging performance on connectors.
  • Good micro-solder ball performance in Lead-Free applications
  • Pin testable
  • Specifically designed for use on Cu-OSP PCBs
  • Excellent Lead-Free soldering performance on various board finishes.
  • Evenly spread, tack free residue.
  • Capable for high density as well as general purpose Lead-Free soldering processes.
  • Can be used in Pb free or Sn/Pb processes

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