ALPHA® EF-9301

Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® EF-9301 is a rosin-containing full dulling flux that provides the unique attributes of excellent solderability and reliability in both Lead-Free and Tin-Lead processes. It is designed to have best in class bridging on bottom side SMT components as well as superior performance in hole fill and solderballing. Additionally, it provides dull joints with an evenly spread, low-tack flux.

Features & Benefits

  • Low bridging performance on connectors and bottom side SMT components
  • Excellent hole fill demonstrated by >95% yield on 10 mil holes.
  • Low solderballing performance
  • Smooth solder joints with full dulling
  • Evenly spread, low tack, flux residue 
  • Capable for Tin-Lead and Lead-Free processes
  • Can be applied via spraying or foaming

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