Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® RF-800 provides the broadest process window for a no-clean flux with less than 5% solids content. ALPHA RF-800 is designed to provide excellent soldering results (low defects rates), even when the surfaces to be soldered (component leads and pads) are not highly solderable. RF-800 works particularly well with bare copper boards protected with organic or rosin/resin coatings and with tin-lead coated PCB's. ALPHA RF-800 is used successfully in both tin-lead and lead-free applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly active for excellent soldering and low defect rates.
  • Low level of non-tacky residue to reduce interference with pin testing.
  • Cleaning is not required which reduces operating costs
  • Reduces the surface tension between solder mask and solder to significantly reduce solder ball frequency.
  • Meets Bellcore requirements for long-term electrical reliability.

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