Wave Solder Flux

Organo-Flux 3355 VF flux is a VOC-free modification of ORGANO-FLUX 3355-11 water soluble organic acid flux, used in the soldering of printed circuits and electronic hardware. This formulation produces exceptional solder wetting to a wide variety of metallic surfaces and is unsurpassed in water solubility for thorough removal of post soldering residues.


ALPHA ORGANO-FLUX 3355-VF flux can be wave, spray or dip applied. Flux applicators and reservoir should be plastic or titanium only. Flux coated surfaces should be preheated to provide optimum wicking and solder joint formation. The degree of preheat is dependent on many variables, such as conveyor speed, type of components and substrates. Entering the solder wave with a topside temperature in the 210ºF range is typical.

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