Wave Solder Flux

ALPHA® WS-375 is a VOC-Free, water removable, liquid soldering flux for wave soldering of printed circuit boards. ALPHA WS-375 was developed to provide the maximum activity for low defect soldering, even with boards and components with marginal solderability.

ALPHA WS-375 is supplied in a water-based vehicle, essentially free of organic solvents and is formulated to help meet the present and future volatile organic compound (VOC) emission regulations. ALPHA WS-375 is non-flammable which significantly reduces the risk of fire during wave soldering operation. Alpha soldering, flux residues are highly water soluble and can be readily removed. This results in assemblies with the highest degree of ionic cleanliness and high surface insulation resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • VOC-Free to help meet air quality regulations
  • Non-flammable to eliminate equipment fires and eliminate special storage requirements.
  • Maximum activity for low defect levels, even with marginally solderable leads and pads.
  • No need to purchase thinners which provides significant cost savings.

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