Alpha® Form PV Stencils


ALPHA® FORM PV Electroformed Stencils are designed and manufactured to deposit thick film paste for PV cell front side metallization. Both single and double layer stencils (developmental) are available and manufactured using 100% solid nickel plating (electroforming process). The end result is a high precision durable stencil of any custom thickness with the possibility to print a full H-pattern or a variant on a silicon cell.

Features & Benefits

High Repeatability: ALPHA FORM PV Stencils are made using exacting manufacturing standards in order to deliver consistent performance by eliminating the two sources of variation: Design Inconsistencies Manufacturing Inconsistencies

High Precision: Produced from the modified CAD/CAM data in a climate controlled clean room using state of the art processing tools at 10.000 DPI resolution, resulting in a Aperture Size Accuracy of ± 5 micron with superior processing capability (CpK ≥ 1.33).

Ultimate Durability: Hard Nickel Stencils (> 500 VH) outperforms the lifespan of standard mesh screen significantly. Print Performance: ALPHA FORM PV Electroforming technology is targeted to achieve ultra fine printing results. The improved release properties from this stencil will provide the ability to print finer lines with higher aspect ratio. Improvements of cell characteristics are reached in significantly less shadowing and better electrical performance.

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