ALPHA® PV-38 Flux

High activity, low residue liquid soldering flux for PV module assembly

ALPHA® PV-38 liquid soldering flux is an alcohol based, low solids, zero halogen and halide free formulation designed specifically for use with tabbing and stringing equipment that applies liquid flux directly to the interconnecting ribbon. These systems may have ribbon drying and pre-heating zones and use a variety of soldering methods that apply heat directly (i.e. high temperature soldering tips) or indirectly (i.e. IR, hot air, induction, etc…) to the ribbon and cell.

ALPHA® PV-38 uses a unique activation package to deliver fast wetting in high throughput environments, as well as, outstanding solder joint cosmetics with uniform, tack free residues that are compatible with popular encapsulants (i.e. EVA). ALPHA® PV-38 has a wide operating temperature range and can be used with all popular SnPb and Pb-free solder alloys.


  • High activity
  • Low solids
  • No-clean
  • Low surface tension solution
  • Zero halogen
  • Halide free


  • ALPHA® PV-38 wets quickly allowing fast production throughput
  • ALPHA® PV-38 produces highly reliable ribbon to cell interconnects that pass all required certification tests
  • ALPHA® PV-38 can be applied using all the most popular methods including spraying and dipping
  • ALPHA® PV-38 leaves uniform, tack free and transparent residues for excellent cosmetics
  • ALPHA® PV-38 is compatible with the most popular encapsulants (i.e. EVA)
  • ALPHA® PV-38 is good for the environment as it complies with all current halogen-free industry standards
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