Alpha® PV-71 Flux

Low Residue Flux for Tabbing and Stringing

Part of the ALPHA® 7 Series Low Residue Fluxes, ALPHA® PV-71 was specifically designed so that minimal flux deposits inside tabbing and stringing equipment and spray nozzles, with practically zero residue after soldering.  ALPHA® PV-71 is a low solids formula employing a unique proprietary activator system which provides excellent soldering in standard module assembly processes and methods that are widely used.

ALPHA® PV-71 is an alcohol based, low residue formulation delivering reliability in both Pb-free and SnPb applications.  Additionally, it also provides excellent solder joint cosmetics with practically no residues left after soldering.


  • High throughput processing
  • Tack-free residues
  • Excellent peel strength
  • Fast wetting
  • High Reliability
  • Defect-free soldering
  • Applicable for both spray and dipping application methods
  • Low residue resulting in reduced machine downtime
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