Alpha® PV-72 Flux

Low Residue Flux for Tabbing and Stringing

Part of the ALPHA® 7 Series Low Residue Fluxes, ALPHA® PV-71 was specifically designed so that minimal flux deposits inside tabbing and stringing equipment and spray nozzles, with practically zero residue after soldering.  ALPHA® PV-71 is a low solids formula employing a unique proprietary activator system which provides excellent soldering in standard module assembly processes and methods that are widely used.

ALPHA® PV-72 is an alcohol based formulation delivering reliability in both Pb-free and SnPb applications.  Additionally, it also provides excellent solder joint cosmetics with practically no residues left after soldering.  This product is suitable for assembly processes which use multiple machine models, ribbon and cell suppliers.


  • Tack-free residues
  • Excellent peel strength
  • Fast wetting
  • High Reliability
  • Defect-free soldering
  • Applicable for both spray and dipping application methods
  • Effective in manual soldering operations
  • Long shelf life at 2 years from manufacturing date
  • Suitable for high throughput and low soldering temperature requirements
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