ALPHA® PV Ready Exactalloy® Preforms


The ALPHA PV-READY-Exactalloy family of resilient flux coated preforms for Photovoltaic (PV) applications provide a unique solution to the challenges of providing an exact volume of solder and flux for critical backside only soldering applications in the solar panel assembly process.

PV-READY-Exactalloy Preforms specifically formulated for backside interconnects, resilient flux and additional solder volume is selectively applied to solder coated copper preforms to eliminate the need to dispense solder paste or flux. The result is a more controlled volume of solder and more consistent soldering results. ALPHA PV-Ready Exactalloy Preforms are machine ready for automated assembly. ALPHA PV-Ready Exactalloy Preforms are provided in customer specific shapes to meet the unique interconnect requirements. Resilient flux is a non-tacky flux coating that can be selectively applied along with solder to target specific soldering points. Solder and flux type can be optimized to meet specific interconnect requirements. Reaction and decomposition vapors associated with VOC emissions during soldering are greatly reduced.


  • Rectangles 1406, 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, 03015, 0202, 0201 sizes, as well as many others, for use with solder paste
  • Do not contain flux, but rely on the flux in solder paste for reflow
  • Wide alloy flexibility, including common lead free and lead containing alloys used in PCB assembly
  • Half height devices available – 0402H, 0603H & 0805H – ideal for placement under low standoff connectors Fast placement utilizing standard equipment
  • 7” and 13” standard IEC reels available
  • Low Temperature Alloy – Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4


  • Accelerates time to market by solving solder insufficiency issues without PCB layout changes
  • Precisely increase solder volume in paste applications
  • Ideal for pin in hole applications – and the elimination of wave soldering
  • Reduces flux residues by reducing flux-solder ratio of standard solder paste
  • Reduces flux spattering and mid chip solder balls by eliminating the need for overprinting solder paste Eliminate the use of step stencils
  • Compatible with standard library pick and place routines
  • Compatible with standard nozzle sizes
  • Preforms available in all standard solder paste alloys
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