ALPHA® Solder Preforms

Alpha offers a wide variety of preform products, targeting both assembly and stand-alone applications.  Alpha invented tape and reel packaging for preforms to enable the integration of solder preforms into the PCB assembly process.  Alpha continues to offer the widest variety of tape and reel preform sizes, and alloys, including all the standard solder paste assembly alloys plus the new, low temperature RoHS compliant SnBi alloys.

Preforms are an enabling technology for the integration of PCBs into higher level assemblies and many other stand alone soldering operations.

Alpha’s preform products target wire harness assembly, die attach, power module assembly, solar junction box, electronic and electrical device build, and many others. One emerging example is the use of induction soldering. Solder preforms with flux can be soldered with induction with cycle times many times faster than conventional soldering processes using solder paste.

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Assembly Applications - Tape and Reel Preforms

Tape and reel packaged preforms provide an automated method to selectively increase solder volume on a per pad basis, using standard assembly equipment.  Pin and paste reflow soldering of through hole components is now possible, even on thick PCBs.  The combination of printed solder paste and automatically placed preforms from tape and reel packaging offers an opportunity for the elimination of wave soldering with deep cost savings and improved thorough put.  

Preform Sizes 


Stand Alone Preform Applications

  Key Attributes
Alpha Product Offering
Alpha Value Add
Wire Harness
Vibration proof connection
Solder sleeve with flux
Thermal indicator for improved soldering result

Power Device

Efficient heat transfer
High temperature die attach alloys
4N purity alloys for highest reliability
Power Module
Large low void connection
Large area sandwich solder joint - Engineered Tape and Reel products
Superior thermal cycling with Innolot allloy
Junction Box
High reliability connection
Special Shape Preforms
Mechanical attach rivot preform, later soldered during final build
Electronic Device
Embedded solder connections
Solder washers and discs with flux
Automation and unique soldering method support


TrueHeight® Spacer Blocks - Improve Assembly Yield of BGA Devices

Burr free, non-collapse copper discs coated with a barrier layer of nickel, and finish coated with flash gold to provide precise stand-off height.

Preform Selection / Criteria

ALPHA® Exactalloy® preforms selection criteria offers alloy, size/shape, flux type and prototypes & specialty shapes based selection options.

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